Sunday, 1 January 2017

Solitaire Showdown - Ultimate test for your Solitaire's speed and skills!

Solitaire Showdown Demonstration

Once upon a time, Microsoft Windows users were hooked for playing free card games such as Solitaire (aka Klondike), Spider Solitaire and Hearts.

Do you remember when you were frantically flipping the cards to get a win?  Yes I do!


Classic Solitaire

Yes it's a win!

But as the name suggests, Solitaire is always a very solitary affair.

You win, that's it.

Nobody would tell you how brilliant you are by winning Solitaire.

You've got nobody to share your joy with, because nobody gives a damn if you've won on Solitaire or not.

You have no competition, you are only beating your own record, forever.

That's why it's called Solitaire.

But more you become skilful, you want to show off how brilliant you are at playing Solitaire.  Yet, we used to be forever left alone in the Solitaire lonely planet... until now.

Now we have a great news!

Qublix games has developed this brilliant competitive game for Solitaire fans, namely "Solitaire Showdown".

How brilliant is it?

Well, the rule is very simple.  You try to outplay the opponents with your Solitaire skills and speed.  You all start with the same sequences of a 52 card deck and try to add cards to the four foundations as fast as possible.

The first person to add a card to the foundations will get 15 points, and the rest of you will get 10 points for the same card.  If you think you have no more cards to play, you can "End" the game or you can CHEAT by using a ticket to reveal a card to add to the foundation.

I hate when people cheat by using tickets, but well, that's how the game works and how they make money.  If you want to win at all cost, you may purchase tickets using in app purchase options.  Or, you pray no one else cheats in the same tournament!

All in all, I love the mechanism of the game, having a competitive edge to Solitaire games and it's an ultimate way to show off your Solitaire skills to others.

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