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Dreamland Extended Edition Walkthrough

Dreamland Extended Edition - Video Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Puzzle Solutions


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Have you ever visited an empty, forgotten amusement park?  If you have, you know how spooky and terrifying it can be.  If you haven't, why don't you experience it by playing "Dreamland"?

In 'Dreamland', you will roam around an abandoned Stephen King-esque amusement park where you encounter a dwarf and a vampire.  Of course you get to visit typical attractions such as merry-go-round, roller-coaster, shooting gallery, house of horrors, puppet theatre, circus tent... you even get to build a robot on the moon!

You play as a sister who is trying to save her little brother from the curse of the evil dwarf who runs an amusement park called 'Dreamland'.  He challenges you with various riddles, observing every step you make.  When you make a significant discovery, he often pops up in front of you to express his annoyance or simply to scare you. Overall, he is very enigmatic and his existence is very disturbing, just like the dwarf from Twin Peaks.

'Dreamland' is a Hidden Object game, but time to time, you can also have a little fun by playing Match-3.  Your journey centers around the Central Square, where you have to play the Wheel of Fortune (Match 3) to obtain tickets to rides and attractions.  So if you're a fan of Match-3, it's a nice treat.  Also the difficulty level of Match-3 becomes more challenging as you progress, so it never becomes mundane.

So this game is full of fun, but the greatest part is the Shooting Gallery.  Even after you finish the business there, you will have an unlimited access throughout the game!  You'll get a trophy if you score 1500 points, but it's not an easy task unless you practice a lot.  Whether you are aiming for the trophy or not, it's fun to refine your shooting skill, especially when you want to have a break from serious tasks.

Other extra hidden objects are Starfish and Marbles.  There are 20 Starfish and 17 Marbles hidden in various locations, and you'll get trophies by finding them all.  I've shown all the locations in this walkthrough. You don't need to find them to complete the game, but if you're perfectionist like me, obviously you wouldn't want to miss them!

The park is massive and there are so many areas to revisit, but thankfully navigating the game is very easy.  Using the map, you can jump to various areas you've already unlocked, so there is no tedious backtracking.  Also you can toggle up the task list and click on one of the tasks to jump to the relevant area, and I found it very handy when you want to complete particular tasks.

In the Extended Edition, you get to visit the secret attic above the Shooting Gallery and the cemetery which are not accessible in the normal edition.  They are shown in Part 8 & 9 of my walkthrough.

I hope you'll enjoy my walkthrough!

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Part 1 - Invitation to Dreamland

To cure your brother's mysterious illness, you decide to accept the invitation to the amusement park "Dreamland". Soon, you discover that the park is controlled by the evil dwarf who challenges you with various tasks...

1. Entrance (03:00)
2. On the map board (06:00)
3. Wheel of Fortune (07:54)
4. Path (10:30)

Items found:
- Ticket (Automatic)
- Red Clown Nose, Rusy Scythe (Ticket Booth)
- Pieces of Wood (Central Square)
- Map (Central Square)
- Coin, Skull (Popcorn Stand)
- House of Horrors Ticket (Wheel of Fortune)
- Pieces of Wood x2 (Path)
- Pieces of Wood x2, Wing, Twirls x3 (House of Horrors)

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Part 2 - House of Horrors

After gaining the ticket to the House of Horrors, you discover a vampire in a coffin.  You just have to hope that he won't wake up and bite you...

5. Merry-Go-Round (06:00)
6. Hall of Swinging Axes (11:34)
7. Pirate Ship (14:27)

1. Merry-Go-Round (08:22)
2. The Room with the Shell Game (13:00)

Items found:
- Pieces of Wood x2, Coin, Fan, Scissors (House of Horrors)
- Merry-Go-Round Ticket, Shooting Gallery Ticket (Wheel of Fortune)
- Bat Key (Merry-Go-Round)
- Coin (Hall of Swinging Axes)
- Pieces of Wood (Pirate Ship)

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Part 3 - Shooting Gallery & Roller Coaster

At the Shooting Gallery, you have a little fun shotting targets and get tons of prizes! At the Roller Coaster, you find a lonely teddy bear who is missing his girlfriend, and you duly reunite them.  

8. Fountain (00:47)
9. Control Room (13:02)
10. Roller Coaster (16:54)

3. Small Fountain (02:11)
4. Shooting Gallery (03:40)
5. Control Room (12:56)
6. Roller Coaster (17:00)

Items found:
- Red Rose, Coin (Fountain)
- Sling Shot, Pink Bear, Raven Key (Shooting Gallery)
- Roller Coaster Ticket, Pirate Ship Ticket, Cafe Ticket (Wheel of Fortune)
- Cannonball, Pirate Hook (Pirate Ship)
- Fuse, Lighter (Control Room)
- Coin, Gloves, Sun Key (Roller Coaster)

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Part 4 - Pirate Ship & Cafe

You find a cafe with a man who demands lots of food. After feeding him enough, you discover a frozen head - now you can perticipate in the Shell Game! In the Captain's Cabin on the Pirate Ship, you discover a secret code on the floor...

11. Cafe (00:11)
12. Captain's Cabin (08:33)
13. House of Horror (19:27)

Items found:
- Leaf Key, Apple, Head (Cafe)
- Fire Key (Central Square)
- Key to the Cafe Freezer (Ticket Booth)
- Blowtorch, Gunpowder (Pirate Ship)
- Coin, Rain Key (Captain's Cabin)
- Coin (Room with the Shell Game)
- Crank Handle (Fountain)
- Puppet Theater Ticket, Moon Rocket Ticket (Wheel of Fortune)

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Part 5 - Moon Rocket & Cafe

At the Puppet Theater, you help a man to steal a woman's heart. You enter the Moon Rocket where you can have a little scientific experiment...

14. Theater Square (00:10)
15. Moon Rocket (02:00)
16. Moon Rocket (11:01)

7. Moon Rocket (02:04)

Items found:
- Heart (Puppet Theater)
- Vacuum Tubes, Rocket Key, Coin (Moon Rocket)
- Hammer (Popcorn Stand)
- Circus Ticket (Wheel of Fortune)

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Part 6 - Circus Ring

You finally reach the Circus Ring, and the evil dwarf present you with the safe which contains your final prize. But in order to get the prize, you need to unlock three heavy cages ...

17. Animal Tamer's Dressing Room (11:06)

8. Circus Tent (00:18)
9. Circus Tent (00:21)
10. Animal Tamer's Dressing Room (11:02)

Items found:
- Butterfly (Circus Tent)
- Carrot (Animal Tamer' Hiding Place)
- Rabbit (Path)
- Tiger Statuette (Fountain, Cafe, Earth)
- Razor (Vampire Coffin)
- Crowbar (Pirate Ship)

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Part 7 - Circus Ring 2

You venture into the Magician's Dressing Room, where you discover a big tank - what kind of secrets does it hold? You also find rather unusual clowns in the Clown's Dressing Room...

Starfish (All Found):
18. Crown's Dressing Room (03:05)
19. Magician's Dressing Room (15:08)
20. Magician's Dressing Room (15:19)

11-15. Magician's Dressing Room (01:04)
16. Magician's Dressing Room (15:03)

Items found:
- Gear, Chalice, Rooster (Magician's Dressing Room)
- Horse Leg, Flower (Crown's Dressing Room)
- Key, Wig, Dragonfly (Merry-Go-Round)
- Comet (Roller Coaster)
- Oil Can (Moon Rocket)
- Star, Mask, Record, Square Key (Animal Tamers Dressing Room)

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Part 8 - Secret Attic

You finally break the curse and save your brother - but it's not the end. In the Secret Attic of the shooting gallery, you discover that there are many more secrets hidden around the Dreamland...

Marble (All found):
17. Moon Rocket (03:10, *Note)

*Note: You must get this marble BEFORE you insert the rune, otherwise it will become inaccessible

Items found:
- Rune (House of Horrors)
- Wheel (Moon Rocket)
- Bat, Book of Magic (Clown's Dressing Room)
- Round Key (Merry-Go-Round)
- Bunch of Flowers, Star Key (Magician's Dressing Room)
- Cemetery Key (Circus Ring)
- Dove, Ladder (Cemetery)
- Part of a Chart x6 (Secret Attic of Shooting Gallery)

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Part 9 - Ending (Saving Souls)

After collecting all metal doves, you finally save the souls of the children who were trapped in the cemetery by the evil dwarf.

This episode will conclude the Dreamland walkthrough - thanks for watching!

Items found:
- Chisel (Popcorn Stand)
- Dove x2, Axe (Roller Coaster)
- Pincers (Ticket Booth)
- Shovel (Fountain)
- Bucket, Dove (Pirate Ship)
- Dove (Central Square)
- Dove (Athlete Gate)
- Dove (House of Horrors)

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