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Vampireville Walkthrough

Vampireville - Video Walkthrough, Tips, Hints, Puzzle Solutions


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Butler Glenfield

Whether you love vampire stories or not, if you love comedy, this is for you!  This is not an ordinary vampire tale of 'love, death and tragedy' - it's about an ordinary estate agent saving the Malgray Castle, which is resided by vampires, from being sold to the government.  Sounds boring?  You have to play it to see how joyful and hilarious the game is!

Groundsman's daughter Ellen

Michael, who works for Rockwell & Rockwell, is sent by Mr Rockwell to evaluate the Malgray Castle after his colleague Jim has gone mad.  What happened to Jim?  Well, we soon find out once we step into the castle.  Meet a ghost dog, an internet-loving butler, a sexy punk maid... these characters are all but very colourful and fun.  As the game progresses, you will be introduced to yet more interesting characters while the story will take many twists and turns.

What makes this game special is our anti-hero, Michael.  He has an uncanny resemblance to Keanu Reeves (he even talks a little... wooden), thus his character really carries the whole story, if you know what I mean.  For instance, when Michael finds the ghost dog Rover, he doesn't go mad like Jim did.  Instead, he simply asks, 'why are you in the bathroom?'   This characterization mixed with Keanu Reeve's image, in my opinion, is quite genius as it definitely makes his character believable and adds comical effects.

Does Michael look like Keanu Reeves?

As for gameplay, it has a variety of tasks like hidden objects, mini-games and puzzles, and everything is tied to the story.  For example, you don't mindlessly search for random objects in a scene like other typical HOG, but your task is to 'pack your stuff'.  So you search for relevant items like toothbrush and razor in different areas.  Puzzles are well-balanced; not too easy but not too difficult, so it will keep you with enough stimulation.  

The game is also like a watching a TV series, as it's segmented in twenty-five chapters.  I really loved this concept, as you know when you can take a break after each chapter, then carry on when you're ready again to play the next one.  Overall, the game has a good length (my walkthrough is just short of 3 hours, but if you're playing for the first time it will be around 5-6 hours to finish), and you won't be disappointed with how the game ends!

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Chapter 1, 2 & 3

Michael is sent by Rockwell & Rockwell to appraise Malgray Castle after his colleague, Jim, has gone mad. With no help from the Butler Glenfield, Michael has to do some extra work before he can settle in. He also makes a bizarre discovery in the bathroom...

This episode includes;
Chapter 1: Business Trip
Chapter 2: Following Jim's Trail
Chapter 3: In the Boiler Room

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