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Love & Death: Bitten Walkthrough & Movie

Love & Death: Bitten - Video Walkthrough, Tips, Hints, Puzzle Solutions



So what happens when a sexy vampire falls in love with a beautiful mortal girl?  He is so deeply touched by her innocence and sincerity that his humanity finally awakens.  The life in front of him is too precious to be consumed for his pleasure.  The only way to be happy with her is to become mortal again.

Love & Death: Bitten is such a classic vampire love story that I don't have to explain why it's so good.

The story begins in a small village where a cursed prince, Damon, is fetching victims for his witch lover, Celeste.  But when his eyes are gazed upon a red-haired beautiful girl, Victoria, his fate changes forever.  With her help, now Damon has a glimpse of hope to unlock the potion which is protected by daylight.

Since Damon and Victoria can only share brief moment during dusk and dawn, you play as Damon at night and Victoria in daytime.  By playing both characters, you can understand how they feel about each other as the game progresses, which I thought is a very clever setup.  There is a funny moment when Victoria has to blow up parts of his castle, and when you return to the same location as Damon, you can see his reaction!

You can also get a bonus game if you collect 100 Golden Leaves scattered across the game.  Once you collect 100 of them, you can play a short game to find out what happens between Damon and Victoria in the future, so you'd better keep your eyes peeled!

In terms of gameplay, it's a nicely balanced Hidden Object game mixed with various interesting puzzles.  The  scenery and HOG scenes are beautifully drawn, accompanied with wonderful music written for each scene.  But the beauty of this game is storytelling.  The characters are well-written and believable, and voice-acting is simply one of the best out of all casual games I've ever played.

Of course if you love vampire tales like Twilight Saga and Dark Shadows, you will definitely enjoy this game, but it's also fun for any HOG and adventure fans.  I hope you'll enjoy my walkthrough!

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The Movie

After making a visual walkthrough of the game, I received a request to make a movie by putting together the cutscenes.
 (Warning: it contains spoilers! If you are planning to play the game, watch it after you complete it)

Love & Death Bitten The Movie (contains spoiler)

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Part 1 - The Search

Trapped in the darkness by the witch Celeste, Damon the vampire is ordered to hunt for a meal to feast on. As he looks for an ideal victim among the fearful villagers on rooftops, his eyes meet with the eyes of a feisty red-haired girl, Victoria. Despite her uncle's warning, Victoria decides to track down the vampire...

1) Rooftop Maze: Damon (05:03)
2) Rooftop Maze: Victoria (12:11)

  • Butcher Shop: Crowbar, Blood x5, Hook, Bone, Bloody Meat, Golden Leaves x5, Hooked Pole, Knife
  • Storage Room: Golden Leaves x2, Key, 
  • Rooftops: Golden Leaves x4, Branch
  • Town Square: Twigs, Golden Leaves x2
  • Home: Bellows, Crumpled Paper, Golden Leaves x3, Match, Golden Stone, Bread

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Part 2 - The Choice

After encountering Damon, Victoria follows the vampire to the Forest where she discovers Odette's house. Now Victoria has to gather ingredients to cook 'Cold-Be-Gone Soup' to cure Odette's cold. Once recovered, Odette predicts that Victoria may be able to save Damon from the witch's curse...  

1) Rock (Golden Stone) Puzzle (4:04)
2) Gargoyle (Reflecting Mirrors) Puzzle (20:57)

  • Bridge: Throwing Stones x6, Golden Leaf x2, Boards x4, White Arrohead, White Pinecone, Fish
  • Forest: Golden Leaf x4, White Flower, White Mushroom
  • Castle Gate: Golden Leaf x3, Unicorn Horn
  • Forest House: Golden Leaf x5, Onion, House Key, Carrot
  • Odette's Parlor: Golden Leaf x4, Bat Wing, Fish Hook, Cold-be-gone Soup, Reflecting Mirror x2
  • Home: Golden Leaf x4, Bug Spray, Wine Cabinet Key
  • Butcher Shop: Golden Leaf, Egg, Potato, Fishing Line
  • Storage Room: Brandywine, Golden Leaf, Mysterious Tablet

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Part 3 - The Vampire's Surprise

Victoria bravely walks into the Castle to be met by a blood-thirsty monster, but Damon comes to the rescue and takes her to his sister's bedroom.  After treating her wound, Damon discovers that Victoria has a Gargoyle Tablet which may free him from the curse of the witch.  As Damon takes the Tablet to the Moon Pedestral in the Aviary, gossip-loving Fairies get excited with the news of 'a new girl' in the Castle and anticipate how the Witch would react if she finds out about the girl...

  • Bedroom: Goldden Leaf x5, Mysterious Tablet, Iodine, Bandage, Brush 
  • Courtyard: Golden Leaf x4, Blood x5, Wood Plank, Iron Pipe, Sharp Stone Paver x3, Flower, Fruit Rune
  • Aviary: Golden Leaf x11, Tower Key
  • Moon Pedestal: Golden Leaf
  • Castle Gate: Sapling Rune, Spade
  • Garden: Golden Leaf x8, Seed Rune, Flower x5, Sun Englaving, Moon Englaving, Wood Plank x2, Tree Rune 

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Part 4 - Change of Heart

After opening the first Tower Lock, Damon sneaks into Victoria's bed, and unfortunately his ungentlemanly behaviour doesn't go well with her.   Damon needs two more Tablets, but her mind is set to escape the Castle.

Victoria finds the foyer door being blocked by the Gargoyle which means she needs to find Reflecting Mirrors to release the Tablet.  As she reveals the Puppet Theatre, she learns what the Witch has done to destroy Damon and his loved ones...

1) Gargoyle Puzzle (Grand Foyer): 19:10

  • Tower Room: Golden Leaf x5
  • Bedroom: Golden Leaf x4, Wooden Dog, Key, Wooden Sheep
  • Antechamber: Golden Leaf x4, Reflecting Mirror, Carrot, Wooden Cow, Dynamite
  • Weapon Room: Golden Leaf x5, Dynamite, Scythe
  • Balcony: Golden Leaf x3, Flute Piece x3, Key
  • Study: Golden Leaf x5, Match, Reflecting Mirror, Dynamite, Piano Tuner
  • Grand Foyer: Golden Leaf, Mysterious Tablet
  • Ballroom: Golden Leaf, Key, Damon's Music, Reflecting Mirror
  • Costume Room: Golden Leaf x7, Rope, Relecting Mirror

=Golden Leaves=
I've collected 100 Golden Leaves so they will no longer appear in this walkthrough, but there are plenty left throughout the game so if you're collecting them, keep your eyes peeled!

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Part 5 - Lovers Part

After saving her life, Damon orders Victoria to go to the Aviary, where she is met by the excited Fairies.  Damon and Victoria spend a brief moment together, but they soon have to part as the night approaches.  To complete the next Gargoyle Tablet, Damon has to search for four Elemental Runes.  As he visits each room where Victoria has been, he cannot help but feel her presence...

  • Aviary: Ingredient, Tower Key
  • Courtyard: Ingredietn, Mermaid Head
  • Bedroom: Stone Octopus, Gold Coin x2, Air Rune
  • Antechamber: Gold Coin, Stone Shark, Empty Jar
  • Study: Gold Coin, Stone Fish, Foot Petal
  • Weapon Room: Unlit Candles x11, Axe, Fire Rune
  • Costume Room: Stone Jellyfish, Stone Eel, Stone Crab, Paper Fan
  • Grand Foyer: Mermaid Tail, Ingredient, Jar of Water, Water Rune
  • Balcony: Ingredient, Fast Growth Powder, Earth Rune

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Part 6 - The Witch's Return

As Damon opens the second Tower Lock, Celeste the Witch returns to the Castle.  Frightened Fairies urge Victoria to look for Damon in the garden so that he can protect her. In the Garden, Victoria finds a secret passage behind the Waterfall and discovers Celeste's Chamber, where the Witch keeps her grotesque valuables.  But what's been hidden behind Celeste's Mirror...?

1) Waterfall Puzzle (02:56)
2) Witch's Mirror Puzzle (09:41)

  • Garden: Valve x3, Wooden Disc x6, Reflecting Mirror x3
  • Waterfall: Clock Hands
  • Celeste's Chamber: Skull, Wooden Disc x6, Ladle, Glass of Blood, Reflecting Mirror x2, Doll, Mysterious Tablet

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Part 7 - Love and Death

Knocked down by the Witch, Victoria is determined to obtain the Potion, which is protected in the Tower Lock, and sets out to search for the Four Runes in the Castle. After finally getting the Potion, Victoria rushes to the Ballroom to find Damon - but he refuses to drink it.  How can she persuade Damon that he can become human again...?

1) Grandfather Clock Puzzle (11:33)

  • Ballroom: Cog x2
  • Costume Room: Cog x2
  • Weapon Room: Cog x2
  • Study: Cog x2
  • Bedroom: Cog x2
  • Antechamber: Cog x2
  • Grand Foyer: Noon Rune, Midnight Rune, Dawn Rune, Dusk Rune
  • Aviary: Tower Key
  • Tower Room: Potion

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Part 8 - Glimpse the Future

In this final Chapter, Victoria attempts to complete Damon's Sonata to remind him that he still has humanity in him.  Can her love win against the Witch's curse?  Before ending this love story, we will also see what lies ahead for them in the future...

1) Sheet Music Puzzle (01:20)

  • Ballroom: Music Sheet

=Glimpse the Future=
You'll get this option if you collect 100 Golden Leaves in the game.  If you didn't get 100 leaves at one go, you can replay the game to unlock the level.

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