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Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles Walkthrough

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I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fan, but can it really make a good adventure game?  I've played a few Sherlock Holmes franchise games before, and they all somehow lacked imagination and perhaps too faithful to the book, so they were rather flat in terms of gameplay.

So when I discovered 'Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles', I was pleasantly surprised with its playability and imaginations.  The game starts as Henry Baskerville visits Holmes' famous residence, 221B Baker Street during the typical rainy day in London.  After hearing Henry's story about his family curse, Holmes doesn't waste no time and heads to the Baskerville mansion with his righthand Doctor Watson, where they discover grim murder scenes from the past...

As Holmes digs deep into the mystery, you'll gain magical powers such as 'Materialisation' with which you can materialise objects from paintings.  Some hardcore Sherlock Holmes fans may find it a little far-fetched, but I throughly enjoyed using the magical powers and loved the way Holmes tries to keep his head cool and straight while all these illogical phenomenons are going on!   All in all, it's a well-balanced Adventure game with good puzzles, hidden object scenes and a nice twist to the original tale.


Part 1: Rodger Baskerville

Upon the tragic death of Charles Baskerville, his nephew Henry asks Sherlock Holmes to investigate the curse of the Baskervilles family, whose members have died in mysterious circumstances seemingly killed by a big dog. In this episode, Holmes will look into the death of Rodger Baskerville, a renowned hunter. Can he lift his curse...?

1. Rodger's Door Lock (05:32)
2. Picture behind the Ivy (10:17)


Part 2: Luisa Baskerville

After lifting the curse of Rodger Baskerville in the previous episode, Holmes gains an access to the Room of Luisa Baskerville. She was a great actress who died prematurely in another mysterious circumstance. Can Holmes save her cursed soul...?

1. Little Box (01:35)
2. Clock (12:44)

Part 3: James Baskerville

In this Chapter, Sherlock Holmes investigates the death of James Baskerville, a renowned surgeon. But upon discovering a hidden laboratory, Holmes discovers that James was carrying out bizaar experiments on animals...

1) James' Door Lock (0:29)
2) Cabinet Lock (02:45)
3) Hound Painting ((06:16)
4) Trapdoor with Circular Keys (11:00)


Part 4: Lily Baskerville

Sherlock Holmes investigates the fourth victim of the Baskervilles curse, Lily Baskerville. She was an entomologist and her room is filled with insects. Watson reveals he is scared of spiders and becomes unusually illogical...

1) Moulding Parts (03:28)
2) Butterfly Board (09:25)
3) Second Floor Lock (11:20)


Part 5: Edward & Elizabeth

Inside Henry's room, Holmes discovers the last pieces of codes to the room of Edward Baskerville, the first victim of the curse. By lifting Edward's curse, the medalion is finally completed with five powers; Strength, Perception, Speed, Materialization and Telekinesis. Now Elizabeth's Coat of Arms reveals the Key to Charles' Door...

1) Chessboard (02:40)
2) Chest (07:40)
3) Damaged Painting (13:24)
4) Net (15:17)
5) Unfinished Painting (24:06)


Part 6: Charles Baskerville

Holmes finally enters the room of the latest victim, Charles Baskerville, and witnesses the gruesome scene from two weeks ago. As he makes his way out to the back garden, he senses that the investigation is coming closer to the end...

1) Charles' Door Key (0:31)
2) Back Garden Door (12:27)


Part 7: The Ritual

As Holmes ventures into the Moor, he discovers the Ritual Place which holds the key to solve the curse of the Baskervilles. Holmes once again proves that he is one of the best detectives in the country.

1) Sundial (01:57)
2) Mine Maze (07:38)
3) Solar System (14:56)

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