Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Delicious Emily’s New Beginning: Level 3 “Patrick’s Garden” Walkthrough, Hints, FAQs + Tips

Emily's New Beginning Walkthrough: Patrick's Garden (Level 3)

In this walkthrough, I show you how to achieve Perfect scores, mice locations, how to complete tasks, and useful Hints and Tips.

Level 3-1

Thanks to Patrick, Emily is back to his garden where she spent a lot of time while she was pregnant.  Now she is much happier to to be in the family friendly environment.

Customers: Foodies 50%, Kids 50%
Level 3-1 Customer Menu
Mouse Location: In the Flowerbed (03:03)

Mouse Location: Level 3-1

  • Today's customers are Paige friendly, so you can let her wander around as much as you want, but make sure to pick her up before she gets upset.
  • The chicken will lay eggs and you have to pick them up as necessary.  You can stock up maximum five eggs.

Level 3-2

Paige loves picking flowers.  It reminds Emily that her grandpa taught her how to make daisy chains.  It's time to make one for Paige!

Customers: Foodies 20%, Kids 40%,  Seniors 40%, Soccer Mom 0%
Level 3-2 Customers

Mouse Location: Behind the Gate on the far right (01:52)
Level 3-2 Mouse Location

: Find the daisies x 16
  • You need to find sixteen daisies in today's task.  Try to finish the task as soon as the stage starts before the restaurant gets busy!  Luckily the daisies are quite big and easy to spot.

Level 3-3

Patrick tries to teach Paige how to plant strawberries - but Paige ends up throwing dirts around the garden!  Emily has to clean up the dirts to keep the restaurant presentable...

Customers: Foodies 33%, Kids 33%,  Seniors 33%, Soccer Mom 0%
Level 3-3 Customers

Mouse Location: In the bush behind the bread oven (02:06)
Level 3-3 Mouse Location

Tasks: Clean the dirt x 4
  • In today's task, you need to clean up the dirt four times.  
  • A new fruit plant is added to the restaurant for making jam and juice. 
  • All customers are Paige friendly, so you can let her wander around freely!

Level 3-4

Seeing how happy Paige is when she plays with her parents, Bridget remembers how she used to play with Patrick when he was little...

Customers: Foodies 40%, Kids 10%,  Seniors 10%, Soccer Mom 40%
Level 3-4 Customers
Mouse Location: On top of the shelf next to the bread oven (01:54)
Level 3-4 Mouse Location
  • You will have a new type of fruits added to your menu in the bush.  You can stock up to five items.

Level 3-5

Francois finds a bouncy castle on the curb and Emily decides to put it up in the restaurant.  But it was for a birthday party...!

Customers: Foodies 30%, Kids 30%,  Seniors 20%, Soccer Mom 20%
Level 3-5 Customers
Mouse Location: Right side of the fruit counter (01:33)
Level 3-5 Mouse Location

Tasks: Blow-up Bouncy Castle
  • Today you have to blowup the bouncy castle.  It takes a long time to build, so try to use your spare time as much as possible.

Level 3-6

After the Bouncy Castle incident, Emily is busy entertaining the Birthday Party.  On top of it, Richard brings the celebrity chef Wu for tasting her food.  Can she cope with the stress...?

Customers: Foodies 1%, Kids 59%,  Seniors 1%, Soccer Mom 39%

Level 3-6 Customers
Mouse Location: On the fence left of the garden gate (02:08)
Level 3-6 Mouse Location 
Tasks: Feed the party x 12 times

  • Today you have to serve Birthday Party and Richard's table for 12 times.  They are not included in Chain Bonus so try to serve them individually.

  • =========
    Level 3-7

    Another critic visits Emily’s restaurant and he wants to see if she can keep the customers happy… will she get a good review?

    Customers: Foodies 28%, Kids 22%,  Seniors 22%, Soccer Mom 28%
    Level 3-7 Customers

    Mouse Location: On top of the Bread Oven (01:50)
    Level 3-7 Mouse Location

    Tasks: Keep customers happy for 25 times
    • Today you have to check out 25 happy customers.  Keep Paige away from Soccer Moms and entertain tables.

    Level 3-8

    Francois is excited that Emily’s restaurant gets an amazing review on the newspaper.  But the autumn is approaching and it’s getting cold...

    Customers: Foodies 30%, Kids 15%,  Seniors 15%, Soccer Mom 40%
    Level 3-8 Customers

    Mouse Location: Behind Paige's Tent (02:59)
    Level 3-8 Mouse Location

    Level 3-9

    Emily discovers a new type of plant for her pies, but Patrick warns the frost will set soon.  It's nearly time to close the garden restaurant until next Summer...

    Customers: Foodies 20%, Kids 40%, Seniors 27%, Soccer Mom 13%
    Level 3-9 Customers
    Mouse Location: Behind the wall next to the balcony table on the left (02:56)
    Level 3-9 Mouse Location

    Level 3-10

    It's getting cold now, so Emily decides to close the garden.  But when she returns to Emily's Place, she sees the restaurant is on fire... what's going on?

    Customers: Foodies 35%, Kids 25%, Seniors 20%, Soccer Mom 20%
    Customers Level 3-10
    Mouse Location: Behind the Middle Fence (01:47)
    Mouse Location Level 3-10