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F.A.C.E.S. Collector’s Edition Walkthrough

- Video Walkthrough, Tips, Hints, Puzzle Solutions



If you love Sci-Fi TV series such as X-Files and Heroes with paranormal phenomenons and extrasensory perceptions, you would love F.A.C.E.S..  It isn't about ghosts, curses, or murder mysteries - it's about people who have an extraordinary ability and the consequences they must face because of it.

You have an ability to materialise objects from photographs, and your journey starts in the Asylum where you are used as a ginny pig for the project F.A.C.E.S. (Find and Combine Extraordinary Strengths) .  You discover that you are no longer any use for the project and will be disposed of tomorrow...

As you can imagine, anyone with an extraordinary ability has always a tragedy attached to it, and the game doesn't disappoint you if you are looking for a good plot line with such stigma.  The reason why I like this game is because it is a well-written tragic Sci-Fi story, and the way you discover and conquer your internal demon using your extraordinary ability is very satisfying.

Aside from the storyline, of course F.A.C.E.S. has a great gameplay.  The atmosphere in the Asylum is spooky and it has many areas you can explore, so it keeps you engaged as you discover new clues.  It has extensive amount of puzzles, but they are all fun and not too difficult that you want to press the skip buttons at the first instance.

There are many mysteries you have to solve as well, so you need to travel backwards and forwards.  Luckily, it's very easy to navigate around so you don't feel you've wasted time for all the tasks you need to complete.

Overall, F.A.C.E.S. is a high-quality Hidden Object game with good puzzles, mysteries and plot lines. The Bonus Contents (Part 8 & 9) will reveal why the whole tragic event has started, and it sure will hit you even harder as you discover the truth.

F.A.C.E.S. Collector's Edition Walkthrough

[1] Part 1 "The Asylum"

You have an extraordinary gift which enables you to materialise objects from photographs - but your gift has been misused by F.A.C.E.S. (Find and Combine Extraordinary Strengths) project.  Now that they have no use of you, you will be executed tomorrow. You must escape the Asylum after helping other patients who are also trapped here...

[2] Part 2 "Jailbreak"

With the Skeleton Key, you are now free to leave the cell. On the 3rd Floor, you find another patient, Icarus, who can "fly". He is also due to be eliminated, but he can help you to escape if you turn the lights on for his wings and find a painkiller...

=Puzzle Solutions=
1) Cell Door Dial Lock Puzzle (0:25)
2) X-Ray Puzzle (07:16, Random)
3) Glass Shard Puzzle (10:13)
4) Basement Illumination Circuit Puzzle (14:33)
5) 3rd Floor Illumination Circuit Puzzle (15:00)


[3] Part 3 "New Floors"

You are inside of the photo of the Consultation Center, where you were originally kidnapped. After obtaining the screwdriver, you return to the Asylum and find the way to reach the other floors...

=Puzzle Solutions=
1) Gear Puzzle (09:27)
2) 2nd Floor Illumination Circuit Puzzle (17:34)


[4] Part 4 "Finding Mage"

After developing a photograph in the Morgue, you travel inside the Consultation Center and bring back a Crowbar. Now you can finally communicate with "Mage" who can read your mind...

=Puzzle Solutions=
1) Sterilizer Puzzle (04:43)
2) Photo Development Puzzle (10:57)
3) Freezer Puzzle (20:09)


[5] Part 5 "Voodoo Doll"

Mage has requested you to collect items so he can make a Voodool Doll. On the 1st Floor, you discover Patient X's Cell, which is heavily guarded by various security systems...

=Puzzle Solutions=
1) 1F Illumination Circuit (01:16)
2) 1F Security Monitor (04:36) - Solution is randomised
3) 1F Laser Security System (15:43)


[6] Part 6 "Secret Subway"

With a Statue Head, you gain an access to the Electroshock Room. As you put together pieces of a photograph, you enter the Laboratory, which leads to a secret subway station. Now you must find the entry code to the hospital...

=Puzzle Solutions=
1) Photo Fragment Puzzle (02:44)
2) Chemical Flask Puzzle (06:36)
3) Subway Platform Scheme Puzzle (13:36)
4) Railway Control Puzzle (17:45)


[7] Part 7 "Final Escape"

You finally gain an access to Patient X's Cell and is shocked to discover who he is. Now you must save Icarus and escape from the hospital so you can tell the world what Dr Luther is up to before it's too late...

=Puzzle Solutions=
1) Steam Valves (01:21)
2) Morgue Illumination Circuit (11:19)


[8] Part 8 Bonus Chapter "The Beginning"

You've managed to escape from the Hospital - but it was only the beginning. You're back to your family house, which is surrounded by darkness. You must face the truth and find out how you've invited the Dark Angel...

=Puzzle Solutions=
1) Wall Cache (13:17)


[9] Part 9 Bonus Chapter "The Truth"

You've learned how you summoned the Dark Angel, and you are trapped in guilt. The only way to cleanse the Dark Angel from the house is to remember and accept what you cannot change...

=Puzzle Solutions=
1) Side Room Bookshelf (0:31)
2) Piano Music (05:27)
3) Circuit Board (13:40)
4) Focusing Lens (14:39)
5) Living Room Bookshelf (21:24)

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