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Penny Dreadfuls Sweeney Todd Walkthrough

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This is my favorite HOG of all time.  East London is now one of the most fashionable places, yet there are historical buildings and streets, which are kept untouched since the old days. The game engrosses the atmosphere of dark and rainy London with beautifully crafted scenes and music.

I've been living in London for over a decade and know East London by heart, so I have no complain how Sweeney Todd has recreated the good old rainy London scenes.  When you visit now absolutely fashionable East London, you will be amazed once you turn and walk in a corner street, you discover historical scenes which are untouched by the modern society.

Take 'Hanbury Street', a notorious street made famous by Jack the Ripper as he murdered one of the victims - now it has hip record and fashion shops, but a few minutes walk from there, you will find Royal London Hospital, which accommodated the famous Joseph Merrick aka Elephant Man (yes, if you didn't know it, he is a real person who existed in the 18th century).

That's how I'm amazed by the scenes in East London daily, discovering historical buildings which are untouched and kept in immaculate conditions, and you are entering such an amazing journey by playing Penny Dreadfuls' Sweeney Todd.

Nowadays, we encounter 'forgettable Hidden Object games' which you don't want to go back and replay once you finish playing.  This is not.  The Hidden Object scenes are so gorgeous, or should I say, so detailed, that you have to go back and owed by incredible art works they've put in.  Soundtrack is equally amazing, thunderstorm, rain, footsteps... yes, I'm afraid that's what you hear in East London nowadays.  If you want to experience the atmosphere of East London, just play the game!

The game is based on the musical of the same title, so you have to endure (woops, sorry) some terrible singing.  But that's a very minor complaint, since there are so many low quality games with bad graphics, non-story and terrible HOG scenes, so I really appreciate high quality games such as Penny Dreadfuls' Sweeney Todd.


[1] Mark's Arrival (HD)

In the first Chapter, you're appointed by Inspector Fowler to investigate a disappearance of a young sailor Mark, who came back to London to reunite with his fiancé, Joanna. What happened to him after he visited the barber, Sweeney Todd...?

Puzzle Solutions:
1) Watchhouse Crest (04:32)


[2] Johanna's Lament (HD)

It's time to investigate Mark's fiancé, Johanna. Mark brought back a costly pearl necklace for her but it has disappeared before she received it. Meanwhile, Reverent Lupin is planning to marry Johanna against her will unless Mark returns...

Puzzle Solutions:
1) Bleeding Rose (08:30)
2) Numerology - Cash Register (12:02)


[3] Lupin's Scheme (HD)

You must investigate your only suspect Reverend Lupin's mysterious disappearance, while the old Church is closed due to a foul stench. People are going missing but where are the bodies...?

Puzzle Solutions:
1) Counting Coppers - Bookshelf (12:27)
2) Sunday Candles (16:07)


[4] Tobias' Discovery (HD)

A young snipe Tobias who works in a Barbershop has seen what his master has been up to. Sweeney Todd is confident that nobody will believe Tobias and locks him up in the Asylum - it's time to find more evidence to see if Tobias' story is true...

Puzzle Solutions:
1) Reagents & Riddles - Lifeblood (10:07)


[5] Mrs Lovett's Demise (HD)

Mrs Lovett's pies are extremely popular, but what's her secret recipe? It's time to investigate her since she seems to be close to Sweeney Todd. But as you follow her trace, the fate of Mrs Lovett is revealed...

Puzzle Solutions:
1) Gargoyle Knockers (05:37)
2) Barber's Door (12:30)


[6] Mark's Revelation & Ending (HD)

In the last chapter, you finally make a gruesome discovery in the Sewers. Can you catch Sweeney Todd before he flees? We will also discover the fate of Mark, Joanna and Tobias who went through the ordeal...

Puzzle Solutions:
1) Skeleton Key (08:48)
2) Gridlock (09:43)
3) Mrs Lovett's Oven (17:50)

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