Saturday, 5 October 2013

Delicious Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Deluxe - Walkthrough, Hints, FAQs & Tips

Emily and Patrick are back!  After their romantic wedding on the lake, they are picked up by Jimmy's Cruise and begin their honeymoon... how exciting is that?  There is no longer a bonus challenge, but instead you need to earn 5 Golden Hearts in each episode to unlock the collectables.

In my video walkthrough, you can find out Mouse Locations, how to unlock bonuses and how to achieve Experts in the descriptions.

Delicious: Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Video Walkthrough 

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Episode List (Click the link to watch the video):

Episode 1: Starts with a Splash! (The Pool Deck)
Episode 2: Coming Apart at the Seams (The Boutique)
Episode 3: No Time to Relax (The Spa)
Episode 4: Entertaining Possibilities (The Piano Lounge)
Episode 5: Kid Crazy (The Kid's Club)
Episode 6: Throwing Dirt (The Beach)
Episode 7: Not Entertained (The Piano Lounge)
Episode 8: The Grand Gestures (The Spa)
Episode 9: Fashion Victims (The Boutique)
Episode 10: Small Steps (The Kid's Club)
Episode 11: Revenge is Best Served Wet (The Pool Deck)
Episode 12: Landlocked (The Beach)
Episode 13: Stitching Up (The Boutique)
Episode 14: Trial and Error (The Spa)
Episode 15: A Magical Reunion (The Pool Deck)
Episode 16: Kid-Friendly (The Kid's Club)
Episode 17: End-Entertainment (The Piano Bar)
Episode 18: Epilogue (The Beach)

[Secret Mini Game]
Earn all Collectables to unlock "Speed Boat" game.  Once you've achieved it, click anywhere on the menu screen (it's random) to play the game.  

[Secret Story]
Earn all Collectables to unlock "Secret Story".  It contains spoiler.  

Extra Tips, FAQs, and Hints


Q: I can't finish the level in the Piano Lounge! Help!

A: There aren't enough customers in early stages in the Piano Lounge to clear the level (or to achieve the Expert goal), so you MUST raise your points by earning 'chain bonus'.  The hardest one is Episode 4, as you don't have the Entertainer so it's hard to keep the chain going without making the customers angry.  Here are some tips:

  • Upgrade as much as possible (except the Pianist)
  • The Pianist is rumoured to be broken, so don't use him
  • Earn chain bonus by cashing them at the till all at once, or serve them consecutively
  • Use Patrick and Emily in the chain while earning Golden Hearts; serve them first and chain other customers.  Don't serve Patrick and Emily last as it won't give you any chain bonus

Q: Where is the Mouse in Episode 17-4?

A: It's the most difficult one to spot, but it's probably the easiest one to catch.  The mouse is hiding underneath the Biscuit on the coffee table - since there are many customers who order 'coffee with biscuit', you should be able to catch it while you're playing.

Q: Where is the 10th Rose in Episode 4-3?

A: The hardest one to spot is behind the plant on the Red Piano Counter (see the image below).

Q: I can't take the Memorable Photo!

A: You need to collect all Golden Hearts in the previous and current Episodes to unlock the Memorable Moment.

[Hidden Object Search]

Episode 1-2: Find 5 Tools for Jimmy
You have to find five tools for Jimmy so the cruise can depart!  The hard one to find is hidden behind the plants in the middle.
Click to enlarge

Episode 2-3: Find 8 Sawing Kits
When you're busy serving customers, finding hidden objects are one of the most annoying tasks!  Here is the location of all eight items:
Click to enlarge

Episode 4-3: Find 10 Roses
In Episode 4-3, you must find 10 roses and some of which are so well-hidden that it will definitely make you crazy!  The most difficult one to spot is hidden behind the plants.
Click to enlarge

Episode 5-1: Find 8 Tools
You need to find 8 tools to release Jimmy from the cupboard!  Here is the solution:
Click to enlarge

Episode 6-4: Find 18 Beads
Fishing, serving and cleaning all by himself, the Beach Cafe run by Brad is absolutely hectic!  Now you have an extra task of finding 18 beads... you kidding? Well, here is the solution to ease your headache.
Click to enlarge
Episode 9-2: Find 5 Inspirations
Angela needs to find some inspirations for her new collection.  Thankfully she only needs 5 items, so here you go:
Click to enlarge

Episode 11-3: Find 8 Magazines
It's a straight forward Hidden Object game, but some of them are very hard to spot; especially the one behind the Deck Chairs and the another one before the plant.

Episode 12-2: Recycle 15 Items
It's not straight-forward Hidden Object search, as we have very demanding recycling bins - you have to find the right item when the Bins tell you which item to recycle next...  If you bring the wrong item, the bin won't accept it!
Click to enlarge
Episode 14-4: Find 8 Parts of the Phone
Now the Spa has various items which need 'preparation', you want to finish this task as quickly.  Here is the solution:
Click to enlarge

Episode 16-5: Find 16 Balls 
Patrick is shocked to see Emily showing a sign of 'motherhood' and drops 16 balls on the floor!  You want to finish this task as quickly as possible before the Club gets busy.

Episode 18: Shoo Away 8 Seagulls
Angela is showing a surprising talent as a wedding planner, and orders Brad to shoo away seagulls from the venue.  Send Brand to complete the task when the restaurant is not too busy!


1. Collect 5 Golden Hearts to unlock "Francois"
2. Collect 10 Golden Hearts to unlock "Angela"
3. Collect 15 Golden Hearts to unlock "Brigid"
4. Collect 20 Golden Hearts to unlock "Evelyn and Edward"
5. Collect 25 Golden Hearts to unlock "Jimmy"
6. Collect 30 Golden Hearts to unlock "Brad"
7. Collect 35 Golden Hearts to unlock "John Tones"
8. Collect 40 Golden Hearts to unlock "Chuck the Delivery Guy"
9. Collect 45 Golden Hearts to unlock "Kate & Jewel"
10. Collect 50 Golden Hearts to unlock "Cruise Kids (Emma, Eric and Jayden)
11. Collect 55 Golden Hearts to unlock "Jimmy's Parrot"
12. Collect 60 Golden Hearts to unlock "Georgeopolos & Jenny-Lee"
13. Collect 65 Golden Hearts to unlock "Eddy and Freddy"
14. Collect 70 Golden Hearts to unlock "Uncle Antonio"
15. Collect 75 Golden Hearts to unlock "Josh"
16. Collect 80 Golden Hearts to unlock "Robodog 3000 XT"
17. Collect 85 Golden Hearts to unlock "Emily and Patrick"
18. Collect 90 Golden Hearts to unlock "Ivy"
19. Reach Exert on all levels to unlock "Harp Player"
20. Buy 61 Items in the Shop to unlock "Parcel on the Boat"
21. Find 90 Mice to unlock "Mouse"