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Delicious Emily’s New Beginning: Level 2 “The Patio” Walkthrough, Hints, FAQs + Tips

Emily's New Beginning Walkthrough: The Patio (Level 2)

In this walkthrough, I show you how to achieve Perfect scores, mice locations, how to complete tasks, and useful Hints and Tips.  

Restaurant 2: The Patio Visual Walkthrough:

Level 2-1

The Patio is now open for business!  Patrick feels a little left out as Emily's business is going smoothly.  Meanwhile Uncle Antonio is excited that his good old pizza oven is back in action.

Mouse Location: On the left of the Oven (01:43)
Mouse Level 2-1 Location

Customers: Kids 50%, Regulars 50%

Level 2-2

Uncle Antonio is happy to help Emily in the Patio as it reminds him of the old days when he used to work in the restaurant. 

Mouse Location: Behind the potted plant (01:51)
Mouse Level 2-2 Location
Customers: Kids 20%, Regulars 80%

Level 2-3

College students begin to visit The Patio, but they don’t like Paige, and Paige don’t like them!  How can Emily run a happy restaurant…? 

Mouse Location: Above the Score Line 1400 (03:11)
Mouse Level 2-3 Location
Customers: Kids 15%, Regulars 15%,  Hipsters 70%

  • New customers "Hipsters" don't like Paige, and if you leave Paige too long with them, she gets upset, too!  Since we have 70% of Hipsters today, you should pick up Paige as soon as she starts wandering around.  

Level 2-4

Emily has a surprise visit by her ex, Richard - she learns that he is splashing money on Emily’s competitor, Dainton Wu’s restaurants…! 

Mouse Location: Above the middle table by the wall (01:17)
Mouse Level 2-4 Location
Customers:  Kids 15%, Regulars 35%, Hipsters 50%

Level 2-5

Julien the Critic is visiting The Patio today, and he is obsessed with cleanliness.  Emily must clean the tables as fast as she can!   

Tasks: Quickly clean tables 9 times
Mouse Location: Left of the cash registerer (02:21)
Mouse Level 2-5 Location
Customers: Foodies 20%, Kids 20%, Regulars 20%, Hipsters 40%

  • Julien hates Paige, so don't let her wander around today.
  • You need to clean the tables before the countdown ends, but it's not too difficult as you have a cleaner!  

Level 2-6

The competition between Uncle Antonio and Edward is getting fierce, but Paige already seems to know how to behave "politically correct"!

Mouse Location: Bottom left of the Gelato Wagon (02:09)
Mouse Level 2-6 Location
Customers: Foodies 30%, Kids 30%, Regulars 10%, Hipsters 30%

Level 2-7

Angie returns to help Emily and decides to take Paige as a prop to research Emily’s competition…

Mouse Location: Behind the Bread Station (02:06)

Mouse Level 2-7 Location
Customers: Foodies 25%, Kids 25%, Regulars 25%, Hipsters 25%

Level 2-8

Angie reports that none of Dainton Wu’s restaurants allows her to bring Paige.  Emily suspects that’s how they attract customers who don’t like babies...

Mouse Location: Behind the wheel of the Gelato Wagon (01:27)
Mouse Level 2-8 Location
CustomersFoodies 50%, Kids 0%, Regulars 35%, Hipsters 15%

Level 2-9

A group of Hipsters seem to enjoy visiting The Patio and eating Emily’s pizzas, but they firmly tell her that Paige has to go…

Task: Feed the Hipsters 8 times
Mouse Location: On the Gelato Wagon (02:41)
Mouse Level 2-9 Location
Customers: Foodies 33%, Kids 33%, Regulars 1%, Hipsters 33%

  • Today's task is to feed the Hipsters eight times.  Their table is not included in the chain bonus, so make sure you serve their food separately from other customers.

Level 2-10

Emily is depressed as the college students don’t like Paige, but she'd rather have more kids in her restaurant.  Patrick comes up with an idea of opening a restaurant in his garden, which will be more family friendly.

Mouse Location: Behind the Entertainer (01:18)
Mouse Level 2-10 Location
Customers: Foodies 10%, Kids 10%, Regulars 10%, Hipsters 70%

Restaurant 2: The Patio Visual Walkthrough:

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