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Delicious Emily’s New Beginning: Level 1 “Emily’s Place” Walkthrough, Hints, FAQs + Tips

Welcome to my Delicious: Emily's New Beginning walkthrough!  In this walkthrough, I show you how to achieve Perfect scores, mice locations, how to complete tasks, and useful Hints and Tips.

Emily's New Beginning Walkthrough: Emily's Place (Level 1) Visual Walkthrough:

1. Level 1-1

After the fabulous honeymoon, Emily and Patrick have welcomed a new addition to the family, their first daughter Paige.  But having taken a maternity leave for a year, Emily is desperate to reopen her restaurant again - can she cope with working and parenting at the same time?

Mouse Location: Behind the plant pot to the right of the front door

Customers: Regulars 100%

  • Paige is now introduced to the restaurant and she can influence a customer's mood (Positive/Negative) as she wanders around.   Since today's customers are 100% Regulars, you can let her wander around as much as you like!
  • Before the game begins, you will be given a forecast of customers types.  Choose what to serve in your menu wisely so you can maximise tips.

2. Level 1-2

It's not easy being a working mom! Evelyn says Emily is missing out on Paige's growth, and Bridget thinks having a child at workplace is a no-no...

Mouse Location: Above the Paige's pen (02:36)

Customers: Regulars 50%, Soccer Moms 50%

  • Soccer Moms hate Paige!  So it's a good idea to upgrade Paige's toy to keep her on the spot.

3. Level 1-3

Bridget suggests that Emily should throw an opening party, and of course Francois is up for it!  But will the plan go well...? 

Task: Prepare props for the party 3 times 
Mouse Location: Above the Counter on the right (02:04)

Customers: Regulars 60%, Soccer Mom 40%

  • Here we go again!  While tending customers and Paige, you also have to prepare props for the opening party.  Luckily you now have Side the cleaner to help you clean the tables. 

4. Level 1-4

Emily hears the celebrity chef called Dainton Wu has just opened a new restaurant in Snuggford.  How can Emily compete with such a pronounced chef?  Meanwhile, Paige is spoiled by her grandparents who are eager to impress her...

Mouse Location: Top of the stairs (02:23)

Customers:  Seniors 34%, Regulars 33%, Soccer Mom 33%

5. Level 1-5

Francois comes up with the idea how to promote Emily's Place - to give away free samples of delicious pies at a bingo tournament!  But can Emily keep up with baking pies?

Tasks: Give pies to Francois 4 times
Mouse Location: Outside the middle window (02:09)

Customers: Seniors 70%, Regulars 15%, Soccer Moms 15%

  • In this episode, you have to bake pies for four times.  Francois is not very patient, so it's a good idea to keep one pie in your tray and hand it over as soon as he turns up.
  • The mouse appears outside the middle window ("Emily's Place" logo) and can be obscured if the customers are sitting at the table.  

6. Level 1-6

Paige has built a tower with blocks for the first time, but Tony gets too excited and breaks it!  Emily is gutted that she missed the special moment.  She tries to find the blocks so Paige can build it again...

Tasks: Find 8 Blocks
Mouse Location: To the right of the cash register (02:08)

Customers: Seniors 60%, Regulars 10%, Soccer Moms 30%

  • Today's task is one of the hardest!  You have to locate eight blocks scattered around the restaurant, but some of them are very hard to spot, especially the one inside Paige's pen.  Try to complete the task before it gets busy.

Level 1-6 Tasks: Blocks Locations

7. Level 1-7

Thanks to the promotion by Francois, now people are queuing up to buy Emily's delicious pies.  While dealing with the rush of customers, Emily forgets to look after Paige who nearly escapes from the restaurant!  How can she keep a closer eye on her from now on...?

Tasks: Retrieve Paige 6 times
Mouse Location: Above the middle window with logo (behind the stained glasses)

Customers: Seniors 50%, Regulars 40%, Soccer Mom 10%

  • The mouse is extremely hard to spot on this level.  It appears behind the stained glasses above Emily's Place logo.

8. Level 1-8

Edward takes his eyes off of the tool box in the restaurant, and look what Paige can do in 30 seconds!  Now Emily has to locate Edward's lost tools so he can work on the patio...

Tasks: Deliver Edward's tools 8 times
Mouse Location: Behind the Left Entrance Door (02:17)

Customers: Seniors 20%, Regulars 60%, Soccer Mom 20%

  • Today's task is to find tools and hand them over to Edward (See the picture below).  The most difficult one to spot is the one under the drink counter.  

Level 1-8 Task: Tools Locations

9. Level 1-9

Evelyn and Edward think Emily can't look after Paige properly, and they take her out to the zoo.  When they come back, Antonio and Bridget are waiting for her with a giraffe doll which is similar to the one she's given by her grandparents...

Mouse Location: Top of the Left Counter (02:09)

Customers: Seniors 25%, Regulars 50%, Soccer Moms 25%

10. Level 1-10

The Patio is almost ready!  It's Emily's final day to work in the restaurant, and once it's finished she can bake pizzas instead of pies.

Mouse Location: To the right of the centre table (02:38)

Customers: Seniors 33%, Regulars 34%, Soccer Mom 33%

Visual Walkthrough:

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