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Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding Walkthrough

 - Video Walkthrough, Tips, Hints, Puzzle Solutions

Welcome to KittenChippy's Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding Walkthrough!  This is a visual guide which shows tips and hints, where to find mice and how to reach Target scores on the Invitation Challenges.


The creator of Delicious Emily series, Zylom, has took a brave turn by releasing the game on episode basis (25 Episodes in total), and it caused a little stir among the hard core Emily fans.

First of all, why can't we have the entire game at once?

If you're a time-management game fun like me, we don't like any sort of interruptions.  For example, this is what I usually do.  First, you skim through the whole game or at least half way through to assess the mechanism of the game.  Then you begin the real challenge.  You want to conquer everything, I mean, everything.  You want to unlock all available unlockables, earn all trophies, finish all stages in Expert level, etc.  At the moment, I have no choice but play one episode at a time, and that's it.

So it's a very strange experience so far, I play Emily Wonder Wedding as it's released, without fully grasping the whole picture of the game.

From the walkthrough maker point of view, it can be frustrating, too.  Because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I want to know everything about the game, then deliver everything the game can offer through my walkthroughs so people can appreciate the game more - unfortunately I don't know the whole game, yet.

Saying that, I wanted to make the walkthrough as best as I can, so my immediate goal is to show:

  1. Mouse Locations 
  2. How to achieve Expert score  
  3. How to complete the Invitation Challenges (hopefully in Expert)

**Additional Note**

Since I've written the above review, Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding Premium Edition has been finally published.  Now that I know the whole game, I would like to add the following:

My verdict - 4.5 out of 5 stars

I would have given 5 starts if it wasn't released on weekly basis (the reason as stated previously).  But now that I did play the whole game from the beginning till the end without any interruptions, I could finally appreciate the entire game as it should be.  

Also I'm more than pleased that Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding has returned as a 'very challenging' game, like the first two games.  Cute graphics and interesting story aside, I always appreciate the good gameplay with a fair amount of difficulty, and Emily's Wonder Wedding definitely delivers it.

Of course it's shame that the game lacks 'the trophy system' and 'East Eggs', which added great replay values in the past.  But you can tailor-make Emily's wedding by choosing Wedding Dress, Bouquet, Ring, Finale, and who will receive the bouquet, so you will have plenty of replay options if you want to know all the outcomes.

I will add a separate page for Bonus Games and Extras for the Premium Edition later.

I hope you enjoy my walkthrough!

Episode 1: Meeting Mother-In-Law & Inviting Amelie

Emily and Patrick finally decided to get married in June.  But Emily hasn't even met her mother-in-law... will their first encounter go well?

= Tasks =
Day 1: Choosing a wedding dress
You will make a very important choice today - you must decide Emily's wedding dress!  You can choose between a) Irish Tradition, b) Rose Passion or c) Diamond Glamour.  The decision will affect the story and Emily's wedding.

Day 2: Prepare for Brigid
Emily wants to put up a welcome banner and clean up the place before her mother-in-law, Brigid arrives.  There are three areas need to be attended white Emily's at work

=  Mouse Locations =
Day 1: Flower Counter (02:22)
Day 2: Under Emily's Tray (09:22)

= Invitation Challenge: Amelie - Find 25 Mice =
You have to find 25 Mice while you achieve Target Score so you can invite your friends to the wedding... but the restaurant gets busier more than ever!

Make sure you find all 25 mice before the restaurant closes, since no more mouse will appear afterward even if you still have customers to serve.  So keep an eye on closing time!

Tips: Once you catch over 20 mice, your priority should be catching mice (ignore angry customers), since you won't complete the task unless you catch all 25 mice.

Episode 2: Heeding the Signs & Inviting Officer Jackson

Emily is having a hard time dealing with her superstitious mother-in-law, and still hasn't secured her wedding dress. She also chooses her Maid of Honor today.

= Tasks =
Day 2: Clean Snuggy (Bonus Score +125)

Snuggy has dropped into the sewer and has temporarily become 'Black Cat', a bad omen according to Brigid. Emily has to wash Snuggy in a bath.

= Mouse Locations =
Day 1: Inside the Left Tree (02:55)
Day 2: By the Right Wall (08:39)

= Invitation Challenge: Officer Jackson Tips =
You will attempt to invite Officer Jackson who loves Emily's donuts. Your task is to serve him as the highest priority for 10 times & achieve Target Score. If you keep him waiting, he will receive an urgent call and it's GAME-OVER!

Following Amelie's challenge, this is another tricky one, so here is the tips:

Officer Jackson arrives on the bike and always orders 2 Donuts. As soon as you hear the bike sound, ignore other customers, add 2 Donuts in the tray and check him out as soon as possible.

Once he arrives for the 9th time, the Restaurant closes. Now you have 2 x OFFICER JACKSON (how can it be possible?). So serve the 1st Jackson, then immediately serve his clone who arrived on foot - Hooray, the challenge is completed!

Episode 3: The Hand of Fate & Inviting Philippe

The bad luck continues at Emily's Place, and now Emily herself starts believing that the wedding is doomed. In Episode 3, you will attempt to invite Philippe, whom Emily met on the train to Paris.

= Tasks =
Day 2: Clean Windows (Bonus Score +175)
Pigeons have made mess on the shop windows, and Emily has to clean up 5 spots.

= Mouse Locations =
Day 1: Gutter, Bottom Left (01:29)
Day 2: Right of the Flower Counter (08:45)

= Invitation Challenge: Philippe ~ Carry Only One Item =
Phew, this is a simple challenge compared with the previous episodes. Emily can only carry ONE ITEM at a time - can you still meet the target score?

The only tricky part in this challenge is customers at Patrick's Flower Shop, because you can't queue other actions until you create a bouquet and hand it to them. Otherwise, just keep serving everyone as fast as you can!

Episode 4: The Legend of Lady Mary, Inviting Betty & Elvis

Evelyn believes that she's been married for 30 years because she dropped a penny in Lady Mary's well before her wedding. Emily is determined to try it, but she must fly to Ireland before the last full moon. Can she make it...?

= Tasks =
Day 2: Find the penny (Bonus Score +300)
Emily needs to look through the wedding boxes to find a penny given to Evelyn on her wedding day.

= Mouse Locations =
Day 1: Behind the Left Window (01:48)
Day 2: In the Basket by the Register (09:39)

= Invitation Challenge: Betty and Elvis ~ Serve Large Tables without a Cleaner =
You need to serve five large tables without cleaner's help. Can you still make the target score?

Just like Episode 3, it's a straight-forward challenge which will test your time-management skill. Serve and clean tables as quick as you can, and you should be able to complete the challenge.

Episode 5: Rocky Road to Ireland & Inviting Chuck

Emily discovers that the ticket to Ireland is too expensive, but someone comes to rescue. Now she is all set, and must make sure she takes everything she needs for the trip... but hasn't she forgot the most important stuff to take?

= Tasks =
Day 2: Carry 6 Suitcases

Emily is ready to fly to Dublin, and needs to load 6 suitcases on the cab.

= Mouse Locations =
Day 1: Left Side of the Counter (02:57)
Day 2: By the Taxi's Trunk (08:04)

= Invitation Challenge: Chuck ~ Serve a VIP =
The challenge is similar to Officer Jackson's (Episode 2) - You must serve the VIP Lady as the highest priority. If she gets upset and leaves, it's game-over!

Unlike Officer Jackson, the VIP Lady's orders are randomized. As soon as the taxi arrives, stop Emily's action immediately (don't queue anything) and get ready to serve her.

Episode 6: Without a Penny, Inviting Hunter, Stacy & Andy

Emily arrives in Ireland only to realize that she forgot to bring the most important item for the trip - the Penny! But it's not only the penny that is missing from the list...

= Tasks =
Day 2: 4 Photos placed in the album (Bonus +100)
Patrick has made a surprise visit to Ireland, and they had a wonderful day together. Now Emily wants to put photos in the album to keep the memory.

= Mouse Locations =
Day 1: Windowsill (02:09)
Day 2: By the Door (08:50)

= Invitation Challenge: Hunter, Stacy & Andy ~ Serve a Party =
Flannery has to serve a party as well as visiting customers. Can you reach the target score before the time over?

It's a very demanding challenge as you have to "cook eggs" for most of the orders. As soon as you see 'eggs' pop up, start cooking them then prepare other dishes while you wait for them to be cooked.

You will receive +100 bonus if you bring the complete order (4 items) to each table, but if you're late, they will keep adding more items. So make sure you serve a complete order to increase your chance of winning the challenge!

Episode 7: The Fighting Irish, Inviting Richard

Emily needs to get a bride's bouquet, but the Irish couple, Desmond and Ashling, have decided to call off their wedding. Is there a chance for them to get back together?

= Tasks =
Day 2: 6 Flower Deliveries (Bonus +150)
Despite the feud between Ashling and Desmond, Patrick decides to make a bouquet for the bride. Emily will receive 6 flower deliveries.

Day 2: Choosing Emily's Wedding Bouquet
Patrick offers Emily to make a bouquet for their wedding and you must make a choice! You can choose between a) Hand Tied Bouquet, b) Bag Bouquet or c) Cascading Bouquet. It will affect the mini-game and will appear on the wedding day.

= Mouse Locations =
Day 1: Upstairs Window (01:56)
Day 2: Corner of the Drink & Biscuit Counter (11:24)

= Invitation Challenge: Richard ~ Don't Serve Francois =
You are going to invite Richard whom Emily had a brief fling in Emily's Holiday Season. Francois is on diet, so don't serve him - otherwise it's game-over!

You have to ignore Francois's order, rather than serving him, and it's probably as challenging as the 25 mouse challenge in Episode 1, because Francois will block the queue at the counter which make other customers wait. He also appears in disguise, so be warned!

But the trick is simple - just keep serving customers as quickly as you can (don't worry about chaining), then you should be able to reach the target.


Episode 8: A Bad Penny Always Returns, Inviting Paul

Ashling complains that she and her fiancé Desmond are incompatible, but after listening to Emily's speech, she decides to give it another go one more day. But can they really make up the differences?

Day 2: Chase 8 Sheep
Ashling and Desmond is getting married tonight, but sheep have invaded the restaurant. Emily has to chase them off before the restaurant closes.

=Mouse Locations=
Day 1: Top of the Counter Table (01:37)
Day 2: Left side of Flannery (09:42)

=Invitation Challenge: Paul=
Wow, it's another difficult challenge - you're dealing with angry customers who will leave if you're not quick enough. Can you still reach the target score?

Here are some tips:

1) Serve Counter customers as the highest priority.

2) Entertain seated customers non-stop. If they calm down or become 'Ecstatic (hearts around their heads)', they'll give you more tips which will help you to reach target score.

3) Buy new curtains or tables to increase customer's patience (in this video, I bought new curtains, but if you have enough cash, buy both).

It gets as hectic as Episode 1's Mice challenge, but is absolutely fun. Good luck!


Episode 9: The Wedding Crasher, Inviting Jean-Paul & Nadia

Ashling and Desmond are now happily married and the wedding reception continues day and night. As the party finally ends, we see a mysterious woman visiting the Tavern...

Day 2: Serve the Wedding Couple
Flannery decides to treat the wedded couple with free meals. Can Emily keep up with their endless orders?

=Mouse Locations=
Day 1: Over the green drape (01:59)
Day 2: Above the bell of the counter (09:33)

=Tips for Invitation Challenge: Jean-Paul & Nadia =

Who would have thought sheep can be so impatient? If they get hungry, they'll escape from the Tavern and it's game-over!

Feeding the sheep is your highest priority. Always keep one or two hay stocks in the tray so that you can feed the sheep immediately. Restocking takes time, so keep the basket filled whenever you have spare time.

After feeding all sheep, you should have spare time before the restaurant closes, so concentrate on chaining to reach the target score - Good luck!


This walkthrough is completed.  If you want to get the updated Emily videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube account, or watch the Playlist which is updated with the latest Emily videos.

Emily's Wonder Wedding Walkthrough Playlist


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